Beyond Ping-Pong Diplomacy
By Karin Lee. Edited by Erik Leaver, July 30, 2008
You may wonder why the second week of October 2007 was proclaimed “National Tae Kwon Do Week” in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Here’s one good reason: That week, in the middle of a Cedar Rapids auditorium... (read more)


Making History through Martial Arts
By Justin Foss, Reporter
Cedar Rapids - Wednesday night, the Paramount Theater acted as a simple backdrop to a major event, a Tae Kwon Do demonstration, between the United States and North Korea.
"Well, as you know, our two countries do not have good relations," said George Vitale, a master instructor from New York... (Read more)

Tae kwon do diplomacy
By Chris Jansing, NBC News correspondent and MSNBC anchor
Much of what will be written about the North Korean tae kwon do team's trip to the United States will inevitably be about international relations:
• Will this be "pingpong diplomacy" for the 21st century, opening a new era in U.S.-North Korean relations?(read more)

Is North Korean visit martial arts diplomacy?
By Kari Huus, Reporter, MSNBC
In a visit already drawing comparisons to the "ping pong diplomacy" between the U.S. and China in the 1970s, a team of North Korean masters of the martial art tae kwon do is expected to arrive in Los Angeles on Thursday for an unprecedented 13-day American tour... (read more)

Kick-starting cultural exchange

North Korean taekwondo team members perform a demonstration of their skills at the CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles, CA, on October 6. In addition to the LA performance, the 18-member martial arts team, led by Bae Neung-man... (read more)

Chicago News, in Korean Paper Read Here

Atlanta, GA Korean News Paper News
Read Here

PMS welcomes rare visitors from North Korea
Sports expected to improve relations on martial arts goodwill tour... (read more)

North Korea taekwondo team on 1st US tour, starts in Los Angeles
Published: October 3, 2007
LOS ANGELES: North Korea's taekwondo demonstration team was scheduled to begin its first-ever tour in the United States, a year after scrubbing a trip because of visa problems, an organizer said Wednesday. (read more)

: Is North Korean visit martial arts diplomacy?
By Kari Huus-Reporter-MSNBC      Updated: 1:30 p.m. CT Oct 3, 2007
U.S. trip by tae kwon do masters revives memories of U.S.-China overtures... (read more)

Taekwondo Diplomacy: Ice Breaker Between North Korea and U.S.
Cedar Rapids lands North Korean tae kwon do tour stop ...
Cedar Rapids lands North Korean tae kwon do tour stop ... By JR Ogden. The Gazette ... an event that will bring the North Korean Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team to five US cities, ... (read more)

U.S.-N.K. exchanges flourishing
Korea Herald
Lee Joo-hee (9/11/2007)
Informal exchanges between the United States and North Korea are thriving against the backdrop of maturing nuclear negotiations at the six-party talks, news reports said yesterday.... (read more)

Inter-cultural exchanges build trust between US-N.

한겨레신문, South Korea - Sep 10, 2007
The expansion of non-governmental exchanges between North Korea and the United States is generally seen as a stepping stone in building bilateral trust ... (read more)

North Korean taekwondo team
to tour US in October
한겨레신문, South Korea - Aug 31, 2007
A North Korean taekwondo team will visit the United States for the first time in October for a goodwill tour in major cities, an Internet web site said ...
(read more)

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